Playing Well Together

In successful organizations, staff play well together … but not too well!

They play well together when they:

  • Share common vision, mission
  • Place organizational and team goals above personal goals or department silos
  • Have the communication skills to share ideas and respond appropriately to others’ ideas
  • Understand the rules of engagement that make it possible to take the  risk of asking questions or posing alternatives
  • Are willing to call out poor execution or even resistance to ideas and change

“Playing well together” does not mean avoiding conflict and disagreement at any cost. It means being engaged, being invested in outcomes enough to raise issues and to have the difficult conversations that follow.

That balance between working together with shared respect for all parties and questioning ideas and practices, confronting problems, does not come naturally. Learning proven techniques for working together saves time, produces better results, and boosts morale.

Effective, efficient collaboration plays an ever greater role in operating at the speed of business today. Let me teach your team members the skills they need.

Challenging Conversations


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