Growing Leaders

Great employees get things done.

Great leaders get others to get things done.

Effective leadership demands:

  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  • Working with others to make those decisions with the best possible inputs.
  • Effective roll out as decisions are communicated to the staff who will implement them.

Leader training and coaching are needed when:

  • Decision making is paralyzed, or takes place through unofficial channels;
  • The leadership team avoids the challenging conversations that ensure the full range of inputs to decisions;
  • Good decisions never seem to be embraced by the front lines that execute them;
  • The next generation of leaders is coming up (talent development).

When decisions are difficult, vague, or unrealistic, teaching leaders to play well together, developing their personal capabilities, and managing constructive confrontation can break the logjam. In some situations, use of assessment tools can help pinpoint difficulties.

When employees are not engaged in the desired change, leader training can help management prepare for change. Broadcasting management messages won’t have much impact if employee “receivers” are not “tuned” to the right frequency. Training helps leaders prepare staff to understand and embrace change, to provide a safe environment for taking risks so that “trial and learn” implementation leads to a better outcome.

Learn to make better decisions in a better environment that supports quicker adaptation to changing conditions and opportunities.

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